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The swallow which makes a summer

That is true, the summer comes out when swallows fly. And our engeneers worked hard to bring this though to reality.
Our design on the stern allows the boat to move forward the balance which means mainly less friction in the water.
The stream is maintained lower and the hull works as a knife, cutting water for an higher comfort and a more reliable steering.
The swallow tailed stern works as a permanent flap which improves reliability and low fuel consumption.
Children and women will definitely feel a safe and confortable trip, enjoying a great experience together with the driver.

Immediate planing
While applying also small engines, the planing is obtained with just 6 knots.
Improved stability
Thanks to the improved balance, the Arkos stern improves stability and steering.
Lower power needed
Mount a smaller engine for the same performances of a bigger one.
Higher comfort
By working in this way, hits are much lower and passenger ar much more comfortable.
Higher speed reached
Thanks to the lower friction in the water, the top speed average improves by average 7%.
Lower consumption
The lower friction is the key in order to use less fuel for better performances.