ARKOS Alumar 2.0

Innovative aluminum dinghy conceived and designed to adapt to the needs of fishermen and every type of professional requirement thanks to its incredible versatility.



Arkos produces all its products with passion and craftsmanship, always attentive to customer needs, and navigation skills



heightLength: 7,80 Mt
widthBeam: 3,10 Mt
diameter 0,65 M
sectors 6
people  14
weight 980KG
litres 200L
certificazione C
min Power 115
max Power 250
engine L-XL



heightLength: 6,60 Mt
widthBeam: 2,70 Mt
diameter 0,65 M
sectors 6
people  16
weight 1150KG
litres 300L
certificazione C
min Power 150
max Power 350
engine XL

Main features

• Advanced system for maintaining the ideal buoyancy • Improved navigation comfort and stability • Reduced glide speed • Perfect balance of the keel angle • Reduced consumption and power required • Entirely made of aluminum with Hypalon-Neoprene tubes

Innovative T-Top

Large T-Top designed for every need, useful both for fishing and for any type of professional use

Maximum versatility

Maximum versatility and customization, possibility of setting up for fishing, diving or any other professional use. Fully editable and customizable thanks to the versatility of aluminum

Professional set up

Livewell, fish tank, tank holder or whatever you need for your job

Passion for aluminum

The rigidity, lightness and versatility of aluminum

Attention to detail

Each part is worked to perfection and with attention to the smallest details, finishing at the level of fiberglass with all the advantages of aluminum

Custom set up

Large free cockpit ready to be used for any need

Navigation comfort

Excellent sailing comfort and incredible performance thanks to the hull designed to face the most demanding conditions, it also offers incredible performance in speed and efficiency.


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