# A R K O S R H I B S A N D B O A T S


Passion is the oxygen of the soul.


Arkos in an Italian company that produce boats and ribs everything inside is warehouse; Arkos begun its business with new moulds and new technologies.

The company is focused on high-end custom made product, supported by highly qualified workmen and supplier all guaranteed by more than 35ys on this field.

Main features

• Sistema avanzato di mantenimento dell’assetto ideale • Migliore confort di navigazione e stabilità • Riduzione della velocità di planata • Perfetto equilibrio dell’angolo di chiglia • Riduzione dei consumi e della potenza richiesta

Pre-owned Premium Selection

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S.S. 230 – 13030 Caresanablot (VC)

+39 016133378



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